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Tree planting in the garden.

Our garden is growing all the time, we have lots of benches and tables to enjoy the peace and quiet and to look out over the loch, there are now plenty of toys for the youngsters and on cold nights a firepit. Look out for news of our new summer house coming this Autumn. In the meantime we have had our supporters planting fruit trees which will hopefully be available for pickinh next summer. We were entertained by Tarton Harmony and the Centre crew provided a lovely BBQ.


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    A amazing Christmas show was piu on by the Route 81 Young people for the People of Garelochhead. Much fun and laughter was had as Ziggy tried to find out the true meaning of Christmas in order to restue Santa from the wicked witch with help from the R81 elves.


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    Centre 81 Community Garden

    SMW 2 clean

    We had a little of help from our friends at HMNB Clyde, who very kindly lent us some of their SMQ trainees for the day. Trainees were made available from the Submarine Qualification (SMQ) Organisation in HMNB Clyde. SMQ provides basic submarine training for junior Royal Navy personnel prior to them joining their first submarine.

    The hard working bunch got to work giving the outside of the centre a facelift and undertook some much needed garden maintenance. The vast majority of work in our Garden is undertaken by our fantastic volunteers. This additional help from HMNB Clyde was greatly appreciated..

    The Community Garden at Centre 81 was funded initially through the Dandelion project in conjunction with Cove Park.


     Playgroup donations

    Play group donation

    A HUGE thank you to Garelochhead play group for their amazing donations to Route 81, Centre 81 and Cafe and Play.

    Watch this space to see the amazing things we will do with this gift.